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Constructing and renovating residential and commercial buildings represent the main lines of work for Plenimax Constructions. Please find bellow a list of what we can do for you, grouped in several domains. If among them you cannot find what you are particularly interested in, please keep in mind that several other sub-categories are included in these domains, as well as a large variety of details and activities that we would like to tell you about in person. So please don’t hesitate to contact us about any building project you might have.

Where do we start from? Whether you only have a general idea about what you plan to build, or have already a designed building plan, contact us for a free estimation of costs. We will come to you and discuss the needs and desires you have for your project. We do not like to promise more than we can deliver, so this is why we always work closely with our customers to best define their expectations and demands. Then we present you with an approximate budget, we define all the necessary details in a contract and we get to work. Fast and effective.

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