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The Dentcof Clinic: A Sophisticated Design Meets a Competent Implementation 

The entire project started with an ambitious design projected by one of the firms with which we like to collaborate often: Ezzo Design. The project was designed for Dentcof Dental Clinic, a customer who wanted to create a space which could host several types of activities. The space would include: a conference room equipped with all the necessary devices for organizing events addressed to dental medicine practitioners, a lounge where the people invited to these events could wait comfortably, and two logistical offices. All these sections would be designed so as to attract interest from the part of the visitors, but also so as to optimally meet their purpose. The building project required a lot of attention to minute details, perhaps more than our team is used to invest in its building projects, but in the end we were happy to shake hands with a satisfied customer. And if you do not take our word for it, the attached images speak for themselves!

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