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City Business Center Timișoara: A large, ambitious project. 

City Business Center is a trademark building for the business activity in one of Romania’s most prosperous city, Timisoara, and it represented a challenging set of building project for Plenimax Constructions. As with the rest of our projects, it was finalized on time, matching the high quality expectations of our customer, ModaTim Investment SA.
The construction and renovation projects we undertook in City Business Center involved the following: (1) redesigning and renewing the Center’s restaurant, which has a 900sm area and 300 seats, serving up to 1200 people per day, and was inaugurated by the Italian chef Antonio Pasarelli; (2) renovating the offices of Wipro Technologies Romania, on an area of 4500 sm; (3) renovating the offices of Toluna company, one of the world’s leaders in online research and a renowned supplier of market research technology.

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