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„I’d Like a Luxury Apartment” 

This is how our client summarized how he expected our team to renovate his current home. In other words, we were further told, he would not simply want a new look to his old apartment, but a complete rethinking of the entire living space. A redesign that would transform it into a luxury, sophisticated residence. What we first did after this preliminary meeting was to call our designer, who then prepared a few proposals for the apartment’s reinvention. Finally, our client agreed to a proposed project that would follow the initial requirements and imply a complex set of logistical preparations. Hence, we were able to start implementing the new design! From the long list of construction works we did here under the designer’s permanent supervision and a careful managing of raw materials, here are some of the most important: building compound structures out of gypsum, setting up customized wallpaper by using a distinctive technique, applying plaster and paint according to a pretentious design, applying a self-leveling concrete screed, entirely renewing and redirecting electrical circuits, redesigning the space for sanitary appliances.

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