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Address: Street Stejarul Nr.1 – Timisoara – Romania – 300569 | Tel/Fax: 0256 293905 | Mobile: 0729 940947 – 0735 940947 | E-mail: office@plenimax.ro

Shall We Start?

If you have reached this page, you probably have a clear idea about the constructions or renovations project you are planning. Perhaps even a drafted budget. And you wonder how long it will take before your plans will materialize in the home / office of your dreams. We think you should know from the very beginning that an accurate estimation of the required costs and time can only be done after you have a project design and you have chosen the materials and accessories that will be used. And this is where we come in. Here are the steps we will take with you:

  • + You have a dream.
  • + You contact us at Plenimax for a free estimation of your project’s requirements.
  • + Without any additional fee, we come to you and discuss your needs and requirements.
  • + We analyze the constructions project and discuss what additional authorizations are needed.
  • + We present you a contract with a drafted budget, reflecting the works that you want us to do for you. This budget will help you analyze whether your project is realistic or not. Consequently, we can change the list of required operations, to match your needs and possibilities. This drafted budget does not represent our final offer and can be adjusted.
  • + After completing the contract, we can contact the designer of the project and establish its details. Then work with you closely for choosing the necessary materials and accessories.
  • + Once all these details are established, we can present you with an exact list of costs and the final price for the project.
  • + We can then proceed for obtaining all the necessary authorizations for construction and plan acquisitions. If the detailed design of the project leads to a higher budget than planned, you can always choose to cancel the contract.
  • + As the project advances, we issue bills at agreed milestones.
  • + The project is finalized and you now live in the home / office of your dreams.
  • + You recommend Plenimax to your friends and partners.

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